Automating Your Back End

Within any group of perspective customers,  only 3% to 5%  will be ready willing and able to buy from you at a given time.  The trick is to keep the other  85% to 87% engaged, building trust and loyalty so they don’t go to your competition when they themselves become  ready willing and able to buy. Your back end systems take care of that for you automatically, Don’t They?

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Marketing Strategy

Are you paying for web traffic and sending it to your home page, hoping those visitors are going to look around, find your phone number, pick up the phone and call you?  Tests show that sending that same traffic to a landing page typically sees a conversion rate improvement of at least 25%. A/B Split testing can double this number. Source: Omniture

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Marketing Automation

From all the visitors to your website, wouldn’t it be helpful to know which of them were most interested? Those are the ones most willing to buy now, right? We’ll build a system on your back end that automatically tracks every visitor to your website, time spent reading each page, the videos they watch, the links they click. We’ll  score each one telling you exactly which are your hottest prospects.

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Lead Generation

Lead generation is where prospective customers enter your sales funnel. This is where  conversation begins and you can start testing and making effective changes, and measuring the results that turn into sales. We can help build you an effective lead generation program to capture, qualify and convert your leads automatically.

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These are some of the tools and services we use to get the job done. There are probably a dozen or more alternatives to each on this list, but these are the ones we found work the best for us. Do you know of a great resource, not on this list? Shoot us an email and tell us about it. We’re always on the lookout for a great new tool.

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